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Permanent Outdoor Lighting

Residential and Commercial Year-Round Lighting

System Features

Custom Accent Lighting

Design custom accent lighting to illuminate your home, selecting from a palette of over 16 million vibrant colors and shades of white to perfectly accentuate your space.

Create Custom Patterns

Select from a vast array of over 16 million colors to craft personalized patterns, featuring more than 20 diverse movements and effects.


Easily activate specific sections of lights or apply distinct patterns to various areas of your home simultaneously (e.g., front versus back).

Long Lasting

Our system boasts robust outdoor-rated LED lights renowned for their durability. Engineered for longevity, these LEDs are designed to provide years of reliable use.

Discreet from the Street

Installed beneath your eaves, seamlessly blending with a custom track color, and without the need for external power supplies.

Multiple Timers & Events

Set and store multiple nightly and weekly timers, along with calendar events for holidays and other special occasions, ensuring convenient scheduling and automation.

User-friendly Mobile App

Available for Android and iOS, our lighting mobile app makes it easy to control your lights from anywhere around the world.

Bright & Energy Efficient

The bright single diode lights consume less than one watt per light at their brightest white setting and are dimmable for adjustable illumination.

Why Get Lit?

Get Lit offers programmable, customizable permanent exterior LED lighting systems suitable for year-round use, whether it's for holidays, sporting events, or accent and security lighting needs.

Our LED permanent lighting technology is tailored to seamlessly blend with your home's aesthetics, remaining nearly undetectable during daylight hours. With more LEDs per inch than our competitors, our lights provide a superior look, ensuring they don't resemble Christmas lights when used throughout the year.

These lights are exceptionally energy-efficient, boasting a long lifespan averaging 15 years, and require minimal maintenance.

Ideal for accentuating architectural features, enhancing security, illuminating game day festivities, and adding holiday cheer, our lighting solutions eliminate the hassle of hanging and taking down Christmas lights each year.

Our Process

Request a Quote

Contact us to request a FREE permanent outdoor lighting quote. We will schedule a day and time that’s convenient for you.

Review & Approve

You'll receive a detailed quote via email. Review the quote for your permanent outdoor lights and give us the approval to get started.

Schedule Install

After approval of the quote, we'll add you to the install schedule. We will come and professionally install your new lighting system.


A team member will guide you with downloading the app and controlling your new permanent outdoor lighting system.

Don't Be Left in the Dark

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Jerri G.

We have had our lights from Get Lit for a couple months now and we LOVE them! Something to note is that you can clearly see a difference between our lights from get lit and other company’s lights. Our lights our closer together (I think 2 1/2 inches apart) and other companies typically will do I THINK 6ish inches apart, somewhere around there, but you can definitely see the difference! Our house is so much more lit than others, however, if you want to not have them all lit, that is an option! The possibilies are endless! Also, Ethan and his team work SO hard! You don’t realize how many steps are involved in putting up permanent lights, and their hard work didn’t go unnoticed!!! I have recommended these to everyone!

Renee S.

Very affordable and high-quality product. I will never again have to get on my roof or on a ladder to put up Christmas lights, and I have lights for every holiday of the year. Plus anything extra, like Husker football games or any sporting events that I watch, my lights will be on with their colors glowing. The installation crew was very efficient, very knowledgeable, if I had any questions, they answered them. they showed me how to make my own color designs, and effects.

Lacy P.

It took me some time to convince my husband to invest in Get Lit… but now that we have them, he loves them even more than I do! We are obsessed with our lights!! There are so many different options to choose from.. you can preset lights to every season, holiday, game, etc. We are looking forward to not having to hang up Christmas lights anymore! So many of our neighbors have asked what company we went through! They truly do add so much more value to your house!! Thank you, Get Lit!!

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